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Promote Your Business, Brand & Products through a Powerfull Technology
(WebVR ultra-fast loading pages that works on all most recent web browsers)


Allowing to exhibit all your Products and Services through Personalized Virtual Scenarios that can even feature your favorite campaign's videos between special 3D virtual 'rolling-actions', OR2 turns now available a very effective self-service platform that hosts for you branded 3D Virtual Scenarios properly personalized with an handy multi-options webdeck able to redirect interested visitors to your Business Website, eCommerce store or wherever website you want or need.


Specialized on 3D Virtual Scenarios, our exclusive branding solutions takes serious advantage of the most recent virtual reality WebVR technology that, as an open specification that makes it possible to experience Virtual Reality in any modern browser without the need of having special VR Glasses or devices, instead of the need of installing VR apps and put any headset on, now on, anyone can just go to this kind of websites and enjoy with ease immersive experiences immediately. 


Providing ready-made 3D Virtual Scenarios which can be easily personalized through a very effective and well proven templates platform, OR2 turns available a comfortable mean that, based on the cloud, allows you to subscribe for the related web hosting service in conformity with your marketing and self-branding needs, including unlimited* bandwidth.  Simplifying all the process required for assuring that your online business activity remain ahead on the actual explained technological shift.



 "The augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) market got so far 16.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is expected to expand drastically in the coming years, with forecasts for 2023 eclipsing 150 billion U.S. dollars or even to disrupt mobile by 2020."

With or Without Headsets...

Do You Know that Your Web Browser is also a VR platform ?

WebVR apps and games that are largely oriented towards your phone already offers you the choice between having a VR headset or simply using a normal screen out in front of you, allowing the WebVR app to work in fullscreen mode while you see and explore a virtual experience.

Happens that WebVR simply works on any desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox or even Edge !

"WebVR is designed to be immersive as well and is taking the web by storm !!!"

Virtual Reality Changes the Way we relate to Internet & Technology

Over 1 Billion Users will regularly access Virtual Reality and AR contents by 2020 !!!


Welcome Everyone Virtually with VIP Classe & 3D Style
(give it a try below, click & move your computer mouse)

Meet one of the most advanced instrument to help any kind of business on effectively market the related brand, products and services just by taking advantage of virtual immersive web scenarios. 

Featuring exclusive 3D Virtual Scenarios for Your Business, Brand and Products turns available a complete new generation of means and tools that wisely assist your business and clients on comfortably consulting your several salespages, your own websites, products demonstrations, supplementary information or anything you might possibly want to exhibit, no matter from your favorite social video campaigns historic or for any momentary promotions.


Here's the 10 WebVR Landing Page Templates included:


CINEMA 360º WebVR Template...

A simple but very effective scenario to use on any kind of movie or video promotion which simply displays videos in a 360º WebVR Cinema...
See IT in action...


STORE 360º WebVR Template...

A classic example ready for product or services promotion which includes a big screen projected on a store wall with 360º functionality...
See IT in action...


LOBBY 360º WebVR Template...

Receive your internet visitors right on your 3D Virtual office lobby through an exclusive 360º WebVR commercial environment...
See IT in action...


SIMPLE 360º WebVR Template...

A simplistic example ready for showing videos in a very simple 360º WebVR scenario which includes auto exhibition mode when pressing play...
See IT in action...


HOME 360º WebVR Template...

Ideal for the promotion of products and services for massive consume, as it was possible to broadcast your own videos in normal people homes...
See IT in action...


MAJESTIC 360º WebVR Template...

Another exclusive 3D WebVR virtual environment, ready to exhibit your own Show through a gigantic video wall screen display...
See IT in action...


UTOPIA 360º WebVR Template...

Carefully architected for displaying Videos or Movies in a shortcut Wide Screen format within an irreverent 360º utopic virtual environment...
See IT in action...


NEWS 360º WebVR Template...

Another classic 360º approach ideal for spreading marketing news or more commercial alerts through succinct and effective videos...
See IT in action...


STUDIO 360º WebVR Template...

Providing a relaxed and comfortable virtual environment, this template might suit the purpose of promoting anything for more personal use...
See IT in action...


EXPO 360º WebVR Template...

As the name so well suggests, here's the opportunity of showing special services, own business portfolio or an entire collection of products...
See IT in action...

AS SIMPLE AS 1,2, 3... 4 !!!

Easy and Intuitive Setup of Your Own 3D Virtual Landing Pages...


Just check how simple & fast it is to setup and run the included 360º WebVR Templates...


Why spending money & resources to promote just one video ?


In conformity with what people like, we take care of your scenarios production, including Interactive features and decorative motives.


All our WebVR solutions are developed with the technology that makes internet to work, turning them simply powerfull.


Just because we don’t know tomorrow, our systems evolute in conformity with Internet own technological achievements !


The available Octo WebVR Show-Room Template allows to exhibit several promotional or explanatory videos through one unique web address, including also 8 supplementary Landing Pages...


Ideal for presentation of several products and services using one unique virtual scenario, these kind of decorative environments provides a comfortable mean to easily consult several offers with complementary information.


Check everything that is included by a 27 minutes long
step-by-step walkthrough video presentation...


From XowOff's Members Area screen recording, which shows you everything you can get your hands on, to succinct explanations of the offered marketing potential and related branding capabilities, a must-see video !


Besides a VPS Web Hosting Service of Your Personalized Landing Pages and Extra Promotion, check below everything included...


$ 27 per month
  • 10 Ready-Made 360º WebVR Templates
  • Receive 3 to 5 new Templates per month
  • Built-in Webdeck for placing External Links
    on all Templates
  • Add Video in Templates* 
  • Personalized Landing Pages Hosted for You
  • Bandwidth Included*
  • https Secure Connections
  • Add Up to 3 links for Extra Unlimited Hits Promotiom
  • PromoWall Tool to rotate all your links by one Unique Web Address
  • Ultra-Fast Posting on Facebook and Twitter
    (no need tokens or APIs)
  • Ready-Made Social Posts to leverage Promotion
  • 12 Bonus Gifts links
    Ready to Giveaway
  • Agency Affiliate Link for Earning Commissions


$ 47 per month
  • Unlocks ALL 360º Landing Pages WebVR Templates
  • Octo Space WebVR
    Template with more 8 Video Landing Pages  
  • Receive + 1 or 2 Action Templates per month
  • Built-in Webdeck for placing External Links
    on all Templates 
  • Upload Images (with
    built-in crop editor) and Videos for each Template*
  • Personalized Landing Pages Hosted for You 
  • Bandwidth Included*
  • https Secure Connections
  • Add Up to 5 links for Extra Unlimited Hits Promotiom
  • PromoWall Tool to rotate all your links by one Unique Web Address
  • Ultra-Fast Posting on Facebook and Twitter
    (no need tokens or APIs)
  • Extra Ready-Made Social Posts with HQ Images
    for Bonus & Gifts Quests
  • Includes Dozens of Bonus Gifts Ready to Giveaway
  • Agency Affiliate Link for Earning Commissions

EXTRA BONUS: Included on any subscription via XowOff member's area, you can add your own websites, landing pages web address or other links to benefit from extra promotion, rotating all your links automatically all over OR2 Epic Network while exposing your webpages to an unlimited number of users of the brand new OR2's Digitalands Epic Navigation system...


No... Yet, to be possible of supporting the included web hosting service and related bandwidth, OR2 based our standard and additional XowOff Templates solutions as proper web services subscribed by monthly or even yearly payments using Paypal payment processor which works automatically and protects both the seller and the client whithin Paypal Terms of Use (TOS) and related Private Policies. For other payment options, please, contact OR2 Customer Support. To be an authorized affiliate, might also be required to respect JVZOO, Clickbank or any related terms of service and obvious legal obligations.

If you opt by not renewing your subscription at some time, your personalized landing pages will start displaying our own default links and videos, except if you decide also to delete your XowOff account. Nevertheless, by keeping your account, you can restart the service again without any further compromise and without losing your personalized setups.

OR2 provides a comfortable access to a Professional Marketing and Branding platform which should be ethically used with each member's own videos. For this reason, all templates are set by default to work automatically with VIMEO Distribution Links where each Vimeo Pro member have restrict access. 
On other side, once Youtube and other Video broadcasting platforms does not supply direct access to the related mp4 files or because does not share files with CORS headers, the WebVR technology is not able to render the related videos in 3D virtual planes. Therefore, since the problem reveals either a technical handicap or a service limitation of the related providers, OR2 is willing to convert Youtube or even other sourced videos (owned or with proper copyrighted authorization) and host them for you... Click Here to know all the details !

Similar to any equivalent service and once our lightning-fast templates does not consume too much resources from our side, OR2 has opted by lifting any limit for the promotion of personalized links. What can suffer any alteration, specially in abusive situations. No matter what, we are convict that for the numbers in question you can relax on promoting your links everywhere without being much worried concerning the related bandwidth. Anyway, we should advert in extreme cases.
For more consumist solutions, please, contact OR2 support..

Not at all. Apart of the inhouse WebVR development and related Virtual Scenarios own production, OR2 has opted by using a widely known, highly respected and well proven php script that in fact, prior to wordpress, was inspired on the the first systems of internet while working for thousands of users worldwide for more than one decade already. Nevertheless, adapted by OR2 to be able of suiting the explained revolutionary branding solution, XowOff WebVR platform results in a inovative approach.

Please, contact OR2 Customer Services for any personalized or more exclusive solution using the form below...



Tell us what you have in mind, what you want or need with a succinct explanation of the virtual scenario that you imagine and we will answer you right away, sending you available options, eventual implementation stimatives and further auxiliary information - For Your Appreciation !